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Are you a lover of comfort and luxurious fabrics? Then double-brushed poly fabric, DBP, is the perfect choice for you. This lightweight yet elastic material has recently become quite popular among garment makers and home decor experts alike due to its unique texture – created by brushing both sides of the fabric- resulting in an incredibly smooth and silky feeling. Our article is here to provide you with the key information about the double-brushed poly fabric, which makes it an ideal choice for apparel, accessories, and home decor due to its strength and wrinkle-resistant nature. So let us dive right in.

What is Double Brushed poly fabric?

DBP, or double-brushed polyester knit, is a remarkably soft and supple fabric in fashion apparel. This 4-way stretch material consists of a spandex/polyester mix that has been treated by brushing the surface on both sides to achieve its signature suede-like look. Single and double-brushed varieties are available for those who prefer more texture or a smoother feel. Notoriously popularized as an integral part of LuLaRoe items, DBP fabric continues to leave customers satisfied with its unparalleled comfort.

Characteristics of Double Brushed Poly Fabric:

Softness and Stretchiness:

The double-brushed poly fabric has become a highly sought-after material for fashion and home décor due to its remarkable softness and flexibility. Two sides of the cloth are gently brushed together, leaving an incredibly smooth feel pleasing to the touch. The brushing process also gives the slight fabric stretchability, allowing freedom of movement without compromising comfort or style.

Durability and Wrinkle-Resistance:

Its superior durability makes this fabric perfect for frequently worn items as it resists wear and tear. Keeping its shape and softness even after many washes makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking to minimize their time spent ironing since the fabric won’t wrinkle easily.

Lightweight and Breathable:

Ultra-lightweight and highly breathable, the double-brushed poly fabric is the perfect choice for clothing and home decor items intended to be worn or used in hot weather. Not only does this material keep you cool with its airy texture, but it also allows air to flow freely so that overheating is never an issue.

Year-Round Versatility:

This reliable fabric is perfect for making cozy apparel and home decor pieces worn all year – providing warmth in the wintertime and cooling comfort during summer days. Not only does its insulating quality keep you warm on chilly nights, but breathability also ensures a cool sensation no matter how hot it gets.

Uses of Double Brushed Poly Fabric:


With its incomparable softness and stretchiness, the double-brushed poly fabric is the perfect choice for fashion-forward individuals who lead an active lifestyle. Whether it’s leggings, dresses, or tops, this durable material ensures a comfortable fit that grants effortless movement in any situation – from yoga classes to running errands.

Home Decor:

Double-brushed poly fabric offers an incomparable softness that is both long-lasting and perfect for everyday use. Not only this, it can also easily resist wrinkles while being effortlessly maintained – making double-brushed poly a superior choice when selecting home decor items such as bedding or curtains.


Double-brushed poly fabric is ideal for performance apparel like yoga pants and sports bras. Apart from its unparalleled stretch and breathability, one of its most remarkable features is its durability – you won’t have to worry about your garments sustaining damage after regular use. Additionally, this material feels soft on the skin without being too heavy, allowing maximum comfort during all athletic exercises.

Benefits of double brushed poly fabric:

Color Fastness and Easy Maintenance:

Double Brushed Polyester knit is the ideal fabric for various items due to its remarkable colorfastness and long-lasting durability. Even after numerous washes, it retains its vibrant colors as if they were new. It’s also incredibly easy to maintain, making your favorite clothing pieces look brand-new for longer.

Ironing and draping:

Double-brushed polyester knit is a dreamy fabric that allows you to whip up stunning garments without the hassle of ironing. Not only does it drape gorgeously, but its stretchiness makes it perfect for most garment patterns – making light and elegant clothes with ease.

Variety of Colors and Prints:

Whether you’re looking for solids or prints, double-brushed polyester knit fabric is the choice of many in Australia and stocks are on the rise at local stores. Offering an expansive selection from bright hues to intricate designs, this fabric has gained considerable traction among those who appreciate quality fabrics with a classic look.

Environmental Concerns:

It must be highlighted that the fabric’s polyester composition renders it environmentally unfriendly.

Care Instructions of double brushed poly fabric:

Machine Washable:

With double-brushed poly fabric, it’s easy to keep your clothes looking their best. Not only is this fabric machine washable with a standard washing machine and regular detergent-it’ll be just as soft after each cycle.

Tumble Dry on Low Heat:

To maintain the quality of your fabric and guard against any shrinking, be sure to tumble dry it on low heat after washing.

Do Not Bleach or Iron:

It’s essential to preserve the quality of your fabric, which means abstaining from utilizing bleach or ironing it. Doing so can weaken the material and negatively impact its appearance–something you’d want to avoid.

  • In addition, the double-brushed poly fabric is renowned for its plushness and elasticity – making it the ideal material for apparel. Furthermore, as it is wrinkle-resistant and highly resistant to pilling after frequent laundering, this cloth is perfect for those on the go or who prefer comfortable garments at home.


How do I care for double-brushed poly fabric?

Constructed of double-brushed poly fabric, this material is machine-washable and dryer friendly. However, to preserve the integrity of the fabric while avoiding harm, it should be tumble-dried on low heat rather than attempting to bleach or iron it.

Is double brushed poly fabric wrinkle-resistant?

If you’re seeking a fabric resistant to wrinkles and creases, look no further than Double Brushed Poly. It’s the ideal material for fast-paced travel wardrobes – eliminating any need to spend time ironing clothes.

Is double brushed poly fabric resistant to pilling?

Undoubtedly, the double-brushed poly fabric is famous for its pilling resistance – guaranteeing that your fabrics will remain soft and look as good as new even after frequent washing.

What types of clothing is the double brushed poly fabric commonly used for?

With its incredible malleability and plush texture, the double-brushed poly fabric is ideal for chic yet cozy casual wear. Make your leggings, dresses, skirts, or tops with this stretchy cloth that goes from day to night effortlessly. Loungewear has never been so glamorously comfy. 

If you’re looking for a fabric that is enjoyable to wear and makes stylish garments, the double-brushed poly fabric should be your go-to. Not only does this luxurious material boast fantastic features such as colorfastness, wrinkle resistance, and pilling resistance, but it also requires minimal upkeep – no ironing necessary. With its beautiful drape and light feel, you can easily create stunning ensembles. For lasting quality, the double-brushed poly fabric should be washed in a machine, dried on low heat, and never bleached or ironed. This material is perfect for crafting apparel from casual-wear to dressy garments – an ideal choice for creating fashionable pieces that will last.

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