How To Print Return Label Without Printer?

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Returns are an essential part of the contemporary internet shopping experience, yet they can become a source of frustration if you don’t have access to a printer. This is because printing a return label for shipping the item back is required – and without one, it could be impossible to make any returns. There is no need to worry if you don’t have a printer to generate your return label. Numerous alternatives will allow for the swift and simple production of one. Herein, we’ll discuss some viable options how to print return label without printer and tips for guaranteeing an efficient process. With these strategies in hand, you can be sure that your return experience will go by without a hitch, regardless if there’s no access to printing technology.

What is a return label?

A return label is an efficient and economical way to exchange, refund, or even just send back a product that’s been purchased. The vendor often generates this shipping label for returning items, either emailed directly to buyers or sent in the original package itself. The return label is a critically essential part of the returning process, as it guarantees that your package gets returned to its original address accurately. It contains all necessary information, such as the buyer’s and seller’s addresses, weight details, tracking numbers, and other relevant facts that enable efficient cargo processing and tracing. This ensures secure delivery of your parcel when you need it back.

Why you might need to print a return label without printer?

Sometimes you might be required to print a return label without access to a printer, whether due to an absence of one or the simple fact that your home device is out of ink or broken. You may even find yourself in such a situation while on vacation, unable to use your regular printing methods from afar. In all those cases, there are solutions available for you. If you are pressed for time and unable to print the return label before heading out, fret not. There are many ways to create a return label without any printing necessary – so you can conclude your returns expeditiously.

Methods for Print Return Label without Printer:

If you’ve ever tried to return a product purchased online, then you know it can be tricky enough. But what if there’s no printer handy? Don’t worry — we have some tips on how to print that return label without one. Read below for the most efficient and reliable methods, so your returns run smoothly.

Use a Retail Location:

Not owning a printer doesn’t have to stop you from generating return labels. One of the easiest solutions is stopping by your local retail store that provides printing services. Here are what steps you should take:

  • Identify a store that offers printing services. To get started, scout around for a retail shop in your vicinity that provides reliable printing services. Multiple options, such as FedEx, UPS, and the US Postal Service (USPS), are available.
  • When you have determined the appropriate store, make sure to bring your return label with you. Whether digital or physical, having a copy of your return label will help expedite this process.
  • Invest in professional printing services to guarantee first-rate quality. Before investing, check the pricing in advance to know what costs need to be covered.

Email the Return Label to a Friend:

Trying to save money on printing? Or maybe you don’t have access to a print shop nearby. Don’t worry; sending the return label electronically is easy, so someone with a printer can help you. Here’s exactly how:

  • Send the return label to a loved one via email. First, forward the return label to someone you know who can access a printer. Ensure that you include any instructions for them on how to proceed with the returns process.
  • Ask them to print the Label out. Request that your friend or family member prints the return label for you after received in their email inbox.
  • Obtain a mailing label from them, then have it forwarded to you via a trustworthy friend or relative. Ensure that the address is accurate before sending out the package.

Screen Capture and Display:

If you don’t have access to a printer or someone who does, that’s no problem. You can easily take a screenshot of the return label and show it on another device like your tablet or TV monitor. Here is what you should do:

  • For a successful return, open the Label on your computer or cell phone. Don’t forget that for you to be able to use it, make sure you launch the Label from one of these devices first.
  • Capture a picture of your return label. To do this, simply open the Label and take a screenshot on your smartphone by pressing two buttons simultaneously (e.g., “Home + Power” for an iPhone). Taking screenshots with mobile devices is simple and easy to do.
  • After you’ve taken a screenshot of the return label, display it on another device, such as your tablet or TV screen. This makes it easy to scan the barcode or input the info manually when visiting your local post office.

Save the Label as a PDF and Bring it to a Print Shop:

If you do not own a printer, another efficient way to generate a return label is by saving it as a PDF and bringing it to your local print shop. Here’s how:

  • Transform your return label into a PDF. Simply save the document to any device as a PDF – be it desktop or mobile.
  • Take your PDF to a professional print shop to ensure the label prints correctly. They will be able to help you produce an accurate, high-quality version of the document.

Use a Library or Internet Café with Printing Services:

If you don’t have a printer in your home, no worries. You can still print documents by visiting a library or an internet café. Here’s how it works:

  • Searching for a library or internet café within your vicinity? Start your hunt by researching nearby libraries and coffee shops that offer printing services.
  • Ensure to store a digital version of the return label on either a USB drive or email yourself for convenient access when you find an appropriate spot.
  • Invest in quality printing services you can trust. Many libraries and cybercafes offer these, though it is wise to compare prices beforehand to know what’s expected of you financially.

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Considerations and tips – Print Return Label Without Printer:

Ensure that the saved Label is clear and legible:

Before sending your return label to a friend or printing it out, ensure the image is crisp and easy to interpret. If the resolution isn’t high enough, or you can’t read any of its information, there could be trouble when attempting to make a return. Therefore, always check for clarity and legibility before saving it as PDF or taking a screenshot.

Confirm the printing cost at any print shop or public printing location:

To ensure that you get the best value for your printing needs, always double-check the services cost before visiting a print shop or public printing facility. Prices differ significantly at various locations, so confirming them will help avoid unwelcome surprises.

Verify the hours of operation and services offered by any location before visiting:

If you plan to get your return label printed at a shop or store, double-check their hours of operation and services provided before visiting. It’s possible that some places have restricted opening times or just offer limited printing options, so confirm in advance for more streamlined delivery later on.

Double-check the information on the Label:

Double-check the details on your Label before you hand it off to a colleague or take it to a printing store. Verify that all information, such as the address, tracking number, and other important data, is accurate and updated. This will ensure that your item is returned in good condition and at its proper destination with no issues arising during transit.

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Use a trusted printing service:

Selecting a trustworthy and well-known printing enterprise is paramount when using an offline printer. To ensure you receive top-quality printing services, read through customer reviews and ratings beforehand.


How can I ensure that the Label is clear and legible?

The return label must be easily readable before saving it as a PDF or screen capturing. Before sharing the saved Label with someone else, take extra care to ensure its clarity and legibility; this way, you can guarantee an effortless experience when taking it to your local print shop.

Can I use any print shop or public printing location to print my Label?

Before trekking to any area, you must consider the pricing of printing services, hours of operation, and the type of services offered. Why not invest in a trustworthy printing provider to ensure successful completion with high-quality results?

How can I double-check the information on the Label?

Prevent shipment delays and nondelivery by ensuring all the details on the Label are accurate before sending it to your intended recipient or a print shop. Double-check that the address, tracking number, and any other vital information are up-to-date for an efficient return process. Taking this precaution will ensure that your item reaches its appropriate destination without any hiccups along the way. 

Return labels are an excellent way to streamline the return process and optimize efficiency. Remember to double-check all information on the Label before sending or printing it out for clarity, accuracy, and legibility. Suppose you don’t own a printer yourself. In that case, there are plenty of ways to print your return label, from bringing it into select retail stores offering printing services to taking a screen capture or saving it as a PDF file – even borrowing someone else’s printer at school or work. When adopting these strategies, it is vital to consider expenses like printing costs, label readability, and the correctness of the data on the Label. By adhering to this advice, you can print a return label without a printer and guarantee an effortless yet swift return process.

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