Best Sublimation Paper For Sawgrass Printer

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Sublimation printing has quickly become the preferred choice for many businesses, as it permits flawless graphics reproduction on various materials. You’ll have to consider the right sublimation paper to guarantee outstanding results with your Sawgrass printer. With so many options in today’s market, selecting one might be overwhelming – but don’t worry. We’ve got you covered: this guide will explain what factors to consider when choosing sublimation paper for saqgrass printer and introduce five excellent choices compatible with Sawgrass printers.

Best Sublimation Paper For Sawgrass Printer:

Printers Jack Sublimation Paper For Sawgrass Printer:

Best Sublimation Paper For Sawgrass Printer
Printers Jack Sublimation Paper is the perfect choice for any sublimation project. Coming in at 8.3 inches by 11.7 inches, this high-quality paper offers extensive compatibility with a wide range of printers, including Epson, HP, Canon, Sawgrass, and more. Plus, it’s one of the most popular choices among professionals due to its complete support across all major printer brands – making it an excellent option if you’re looking for reliable performance that won’t disappoint you.Printer Jack Sublimation Papers are an invaluable investment that offers 100 sheets at a cost-effective price. With these papers, you can experience the best printing quality, from sharp and bright designs to clear and concise outcomes. The superior construction offers a 98% transfer rate, so your print will dry quickly while being less prone to fading due to ultraviolet rays. Invest in these amazing sublimation papers today for the ultimate printing experience.In addition, Printers Jack Sublimation Papers are ideal for novices due to their simple use and application. If you’re just embarking on your dye sublimation journey and looking for reliable methods of successfully kick-starting it, these papers are exactly what you need.Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Jack Sublimation Paper is the only choice for quality printed designs. This paper comes in 8.3-inch and 11.7-inch widths, both of which can be used with a wide range of sublimation printers from Epson, HP, and Canon to Sawgrass. It is simple and efficient, so no one will miss out on creating stunning prints.
  • Quick drying
  • Offers no fracturing
  • Vivid and vibrant colors
  • Lacks in quality

Hiipoo Sublimation Paper For Sawgrass Printer:
Best Sublimation Paper For Sawgrass Printer
When you need a sublimation paper that can keep up with your high-volume printing and drying needs, look no further than this product from one of the most esteemed suppliers in the industry. These papers are uniquely designed to help you save time when tackling huge projects – they dry quickly, so you don’t have to wait around. With these top-of-the-line sublimation papers, even highly demanding workloads will be easier to manage.The Hiipoo Sublimation Paper is incredibly user-friendly and compatible with most printers, and one of the top choices for quickly getting through a large workload. With an impressively short dry time, these sublimation papers are ideal for ceramic plates, polyester tumblers, puzzle bags, mugs, and all kinds of fabrics – particularly light-colored ones.Having used these papers numerous times, I can vouch for their superior results over the competition. The package has an informational guide on the back designed to make usage easier and more accessible, even for those new to this type of paper. All you need to do is read through the instructions once, and you’ll be ready to go.Hiipoo Sublimation Paper is a reliable printing paper that can be utilized on many different items. This bundle of 110 sheets gets done, with sizes ranging from 8.5″ to 11″. Use it for light-colored clothing pieces, and rest assured, knowing that this sublimation sheet works with almost any printer. Hiipoo is one of the most popular and dependable options – giving you great results every time.
  • Widely applicable
  • Ideal for DIY gifts
  • Easy to use
  • Some sheet come already ruined

TexPrint DTr Heavy Sublimation Paper For Sawgrass Printer:
Best Sublimation Paper For Sawgrass Printer
The recently redesigned TextPrint DTr Heavy (formerly TexPrint R) from one of the leading producers of sublimation paper offers remarkable quality that transfers ink well and a competitive price point compared to its primary rival, A-Sub paper. Professionals increasingly turn to TexPrint for their Sawgrass models, Epson EcoTank printers, and other inkjet models.For accurate color transfer from your digital graphics to the physical product, TexPrint is a reputable option. In addition, they provide paper in an array of sizes – including that of 4” x 9.5”, which conveniently fits smaller items and saves you time by eliminating the need for cutting. Make sure to choose TexPrint when striving for total fidelity.The TexPrint DTr Heavy offers the ultimate smudge-free sublimation paper for your Epson 2720, delivering accurate and precise color transfers that won’t break the bank. With its unrivaled quality, reliability, and consistency – TexPrint remains the number one choice amongst discerning professionals worldwide regarding sublimation paper.
  • Exceptional sublimation paper that transfers colors perfectly
  • Very good value for the money
  • Available in multiple sizes for different products
  • Hard to find outside the US

Beaver TexPrint DT Heavy Sublimation Paper For Sawgrass Printer:
Best Sublimation Paper For Sawgrass Printer
I’ve always trusted TexPrint as my go-to premium sublimation paper for any kind of project. It’s just as reliable and efficient as the A-Sub brand mentioned above. Plus, you can get a bundle that contains 110 8.5 x 11 sheets for an unbeatable price. With substantial savings like this, why settle for anything less than the best?Sublimation is such an accommodating craft that I explored its possibilities beyond t-shirts. So, I made phone cases and jigsaw puzzles with TexPrint paper. This special coating reacts well to sublimation inks – that’s why my creations were so eye-catching, colorful, and unique. This was possible because it works seamlessly with iron on heat transfer sublimation paper, making my crafting endeavors effortless.Texprint Dye sublimation paper ensures optimal results with every use. Featuring a specialized coating to guard against degradation and enable perfect utilization of dye-sub inks, this superior quality heavyweight paper also offers rapid drying time and an extremely reliable print load consistency for worry-free printing. With each pack comprising 110 recyclable pages, you never need to buy more than necessary.
  • It is fairly dense
  • Peels effortlessly, and virtually no trace is left behind
  • Thermal tape is provided
  • Higher temperature and a longer press time are needed

Seogol Sublimation Paper For Sawgrass Printer:
Best Sublimation Paper For Sawgrass Printer
Seogol sublimation paper is the perfect choice due to its wide applications and myriad benefits. Not only can this type of paper be used with various printer brands, such as Epson, Ricoma, and Sawgrass – it also provides exceptional quality results. Although this special kind of paper requires dye-sublimation ink for proper printing functionality, you’ll reap the rewards by experiencing vibrant colors that last longer than ever before.Our sublimation paper is unrivaled in its color transfer rate of over 98% and uses considerably less ink than others, thereby cutting production costs. Additionally, it dries more quickly than conventional options for added convenience.Seogol has crafted a two-sided paper to make sublimation printing easy. One side is white, so you know exactly where your prints will be placed, while the other is vibrant with color – perfect for leaving an eye-catching back pattern. This saves time and frustration when searching for the ideal paper area to print on.This sublimation paper is one of the best on the market, as it boasts features like being waterproof and resistant to smudging, tearing, and fading. Its diverse range of uses gives you more options for your customers, from light or white polyester fabrics to cotton material products – not just mugs and plates. With this sublimation paper, you can offer various items to satisfy any customer’s needs.Regarding this sublimation paper, the first thing that stands out is its affordability. Not only does it save me time with easy-to-identify front and back sides of the page, but prints come out looking fantastic, colors bright and lively. Even when I received my pack of papers, they were securely packed without any cardboard – a testament to their quality. All in all, this sublimation paper has all the features necessary for superior printing performance.
  • Wide range of compatibility and applicability.
  • Over 98% ultra-high transfer rate.
  • It can be sued for multiple substrates(materials and types).
  • Colored backside for a clear indication that this is the backside and the front side is white.
  • The pack of paper that comes in is packed too tightly, causing an error like curling edges sometimes.
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Factors to Consider When Selecting Sublimation Paper: A Comprehensive Guide:

Sublimation printing is becoming increasingly popular as technology facilitates transferring high-quality, lasting graphics onto all surfaces. Selecting the appropriate sublimation paper for your Sawgrass printer could be challenging since endless choices exist. To get optimal results, it’s essential to make sure you pick the right one that meets your needs.
Best Sublimation Paper For Sawgrass Printer

Printer compatibility:

When deciding on a sublimation paper, the most critical point is whether or not your printer can be used with it. Not all papers are compatible with all printers, such as Sawgrass; thus, you must guarantee that the ones you pick out will work together. If they don’t match up properly, this could lead to poor print quality and ink wastage- worst case scenario – even damage your device.

Quality of the paper:

It’s essential to seek out a sublimation paper designed for high-quality printing to attain the best results with your artwork. A premium-quality print will ensure it remains vibrant and highly accurate, while settling for low-grade products may lead to fading or blurry images. With just a little effort, you’ll be able to find an optimal product at an accessible price point.
Best Sublimation Paper For Sawgrass Printer

Coating and weight:

Selecting the correct paper type is of utmost importance for sublimation printing. The chemical coating needed for successful print results should be tightly tailored to the ink and printer used, with evenness in the application that creates a quality finish. Additionally, choosing heavier paper can add durability while providing higher saturation levels from your chosen ink.

Size of the paper:

While selecting a sublimation paper, it is important to consider the size of the sheet. Different printers have distinct maximum print sizes, so using an inappropriate-sized piece can be taxing on both ink and resources. Therefore when choosing your paper, select one that suits your machine’s needs.
Best Sublimation Paper For Sawgrass Printer


Finally, the cost of a sublimation paper is a significant factor to consider. Although it may be tempting to go for the less expensive option, remember that the quality of your chosen paper will ultimately determine your design’s outcome. To ensure you get maximum value for money, it is essential to weigh up all considerations discussed in this book carefully before deciding.
Best Sublimation Paper For Sawgrass Printer
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How do I know if the sublimation paper is compatible with my Sawgrass printer?

It is essential to check with the manufacturer whether the paper you chose suits your Sawgrass printer. This information should be clearly stated in the product’s specifications, so double-check before purchasing.

Which type of sublimation paper should I choose?

The type of sublimation paper you should choose depends on the kind of printing job you are doing. If you want to produce crisp and vibrant prints, opt for premium-quality paper with an even coating designed for high-quality printing. On the other hand, a lighter-weight paper may offer a suitable solution if you are looking for a more cost-effective option.

How does the quality of the sublimation paper impact the final output?

The quality of the paper plays a vital role in the overall result of your printing job. Low-grade materials can cause fading, while premium-quality papers offer superior color saturation and crisp results. Additionally, higher-quality papers are more resistant to scratching and fading, which helps preserve your design over time.

Can I use standard printer paper for sublimation printing?

No, you cannot use standard printer paper for sublimation printing as it will not produce the desired results. Sublimation ink and transfer paper are designed to work together to achieve a vibrant and accurate print. Therefore, it is essential that you only use sublimation-specific products when carrying out this type of printing.

What size of sublimation paper should I select?

The paper size you should choose depends entirely on the printing job you are doing. Therefore, checking your printer’s maximum print size before selecting a suitable piece is important. Doing so will help ensure that you get optimal performance from your machine and ensure that your design comes out as intended.

What are some top-rated sublimation papers for Sawgrass printers?

Some top-rated sublimation papers for Sawgrass printers include SubliJet IQ Inkjet Transfer Paper, TexPrint R Sublimation Paper, and A+Sub Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper. Each of these products is designed to offer superior quality results and reliability when used with a Sawgrass printer. Careful consideration should be given to the specific requirements of your printing job before making a decision.


When selecting a sublimation paper for your Sawgrass printer, it is paramount to consider all the elements discussed in this guide. The paper’s size, cost, and quality are key components that must be taken into account before you make a purchase to guarantee successful printing results. Don’t let your finished product be anything less than you imagined. Be sure to choose a special paper created for Sawgrass printers, as ordinary paper will not provide the desired results. If you make an informed decision now, you can look forward to stunningly vivid and accurate prints each time.
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