Best Glue Stick For 3d Printing

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The first layer of 3D Printing is an essential step in the process. It is a foundation for your model and must securely attach to the build plate, or it will result in unsuccessful prints. For this reason, many users opt for glue sticks since they are simple and affordable tools that ensure adherence between the construction surface and the initial layer. Without proper adhesion, models simply won’t work.

With numerous choices available, it can be tricky to pick out the best glue stick for 3D Printing. Don’t worry – this article will help narrow your options and make up your mind. From glue sticks, hairspray, ABS slurry mixes, and taped print beds to easy-to-stick printable surfaces – we got you covered with all the possible solutions.

What is a glue stick for 3D Printing?

A 3D printing glue stick is a specialized adhesive designed to join 3D printed products made from different materials like plastic, metal, and wood. This long-lasting bond boasts flexibility, non-toxicity, and fast drying capabilities that make it ideal for all types of uses in the world of 3D Printing – whether you’re creating models or assembling functional parts.

Best Glue Stick For 3d Printing:

1. Glue Sticks From FYSETC Glue Stick For 3d Printing:

Look no further if you’re looking for the highest quality 3D printer glue stick on the market. This product is one of the most highly rated 3D printing adhesives available and stands out from its competitors. So just what sets it apart?

This 3D printer glue stands out because it works excellently on heated beds. Not to mention, there are no odd chemical reactions or hazardous fumes released when heat exposure – making the production space a much safer and healthier environment for everyone. We refer to this specific type of glue as a specialized 3D printer glue.

The glue stick is incredibly easy to use and even easier to clean. Your kids can utilize it for their school projects while you make good use of it at the office, all without requiring much time or effort. Cleaning up after using the adhesive stick is also quite simple; just some water will do.

We can’t forget to mention the remarkable longevity of this top-tier glue. Commonly, you’ll be able to use it on more than a hundred prints. It’s highly efficient when applied onto heated plates and may only require one layer – having an adhesive that takes time isn’t such a bad thing.

Best Glue Stick For 3d Printing


  • Works well on 3D printer hotbeds.
  • Does not give off toxic fumes when heated.
  • The glue stick is easy to apply and clean.
  • Long-lasting to use for more than 100 prints.
  • Effective on the heated print plate.

2. Elmer’s All-Purpose School Glue Stick For 3d Printing:

Elmer’s is renowned for its reliable performance and quality, particularly with the All-Purpose School Glue Sticks. This multifunctional glue has many applications, such as 3D printers and projectors, making it a must-have tool in any home or school environment.

This adhesive creates an unbreakable bond with various materials such as foam board, plastic, paper, and cardboard. You can use it without worrying about any potential damage while 3D Printing or pursuing other projects. Your children could even take advantage of this reliable adhesive for school assignments.

The washable glue stick is incredibly convenient and safe; it contains no health-threatening toxins or acids. Its quick-drying formula ensures that the adhesive will remain clear when completely dry, unlike other traditional glue sticks, which can be clumpy and create unwanted results. With this reliable product, you have nothing to fear – you and your children can fully use its capabilities without any worries.


  • It is multifunctional
  • You can use it on a wide range of surfaces and settings
  • Does not have any acids and toxins and, thus, safe to use
  • Clear when dry
  • It is washable

3. Avery White Washable Glue Stick For 3d Printing:

To reduce ripples and clumps while 3D Printing, Avery Glue Stick White is a perfect choice. It effortlessly glides on any build plate, adhering to various surfaces such as glass, fabric, foam board, cardboard photos, and documents. This glue stick will make your projects easier with its unbeatable range of compatibility.

In the simplest terms, using this glue stick on surfaces is a breeze. Additionally, its spot-on precision when adhering to certain areas makes it particularly ideal for 3D printing applications.

With the flexible glue stick, you can revive your 3D printing projects. Not only that but its strength and versatility make it suitable for both schoolwork and home DIY tasks. You won’t have to worry about leaving behind glue residue either – it can be washed away with water after use or if you need a smooth surface to work on. Plus, this adhesive is effortless to scrape off from all sorts of materials – giving you unlimited possibilities in crafting the perfect project.

All of the above benefits make Avery Glue Stick a great choice and an incredibly affordable one.

Best Glue Stick For 3d Printing


  • Does not clump or shrink
  • Works well on a variety of surfaces
  • Easy to use
  • Strong and permanent
  • Easily washable with water
  • Safe for children
  • Cheap to buy

4. Elmer’s Disappearing Purple Glue Stick For 3d Printing:

Elmer’s purple glue stick is ideal for those wanting to complete their projects without a mess. Not only does the adhesive dry crystal clear, leaving no stains or markings on your work surface, but it also dries in record time. Plus – you get incredible value with each purchase of 60 individual sticks lasting longer than other brands. Easily used by adults and children alike for schoolwork or intricate 3D printing models, Elmer’s Glue Stick promises convenience, enjoyment, and quality results every single time.

Fear not; the glue stick contains no acids or toxic ingredients that could damage your photos. Therefore, you can utilize it for numerous projects without worrying about nasty stains and markings. This adhesive is also photo-safe, so you can rest assured that your cherished photographs will remain unscathed.


  • It does not leave stains on the surface
  • Dries quickly and is clear when dry
  • It lasts for a long time
  • Inexpensive adhesive for 3D Printing
  • The application is fun and easy
  • Non-toxic glue stick
  • Acid-free and photo-save

5. Magigoo Adhesive Glue Stick For 3d Printing:

Magigoo is a revolutionary adhesive designed specifically for 3D printers. Unlike typical glue sticks, it’s applied via an ultra-fine felt membrane and delivers a smooth and consistent liquid formula. Plus, the moment your print bed cools down after Printing – Magigoo deactivates automatically. From hobbyists to industrial producers – this easy-to-use glue stick offers hassle-free results with every use.


  • Works with many different filaments, including ABS, PLA, PETG, HIPS, and TPU
  • Lasts for more than 100 average prints
  • Not flammable and safe to use

6. Avery Glue Stick For 3d Printing:

Finding the right glue stick for a 3D printing project can be difficult since few types of glue on the market are made with these projects in mind. Avery stands out from them all, though – its smooth texture makes application as effortless as possible and ensures that it sticks to where you want it without shrinking or clumping up. This feature is what makes Avery ideal for 3D Printing.

The possibilities of the glue stick are practically infinite, as it offers a strong and durable bond to many surfaces, like paper, plastic, cardboard, and more. Whether in an office setting or crafting with children at home – this adhesive is perfect for any project. And because of its non-toxic formula, it’s easy to clean up afterward.

Removing this adhesive is easy and efficient; it’s water-soluble, making a surface ready to re-apply layers quickly, or it can be removed entirely. What’s more incredible than that? It washes off clothing and other fabrics like a charm – plus, the adhesive is surprisingly affordable for everyone.


  • The adhesive does not shrink or clump.
  • Works well on cardboard, photos, paper, and plastic, among others.
  • Easy to use, especially on various projects.
  • Strong and permanent.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Cost-friendly adhesive.
  • Safe for use, even for children.

7. UHU Glue Stick For 3d Printing:

UHU has been creating an all-purpose adhesive since 1931 and is now a subsidiary of the renowned German firm Bolton Adhesive. It’s perfect for 3D Printing – you have total control over how much glue to use, no drying-out process can cause issues down the line, and it’s non-toxic. Plus, once finished it easily comes off your print bed without leaving residue behind.


  • Pack of 12 glue sticks
  • Non-toxic and acid-free
  • Screw cap prevents glue from drying out

Characteristics of a Good Glue Stick for 3D Printing:

Crafting successful 3D printing projects requires the right tools, and often one of these is overlooked – the glue stick. Nonetheless, selecting an appropriate glue stick for your 3D print endeavor is just as critical as getting a suitable printer. Don’t underestimate its importance – it may be small, but it could make all the difference in how well you succeed in creating your desired object.

Strength and Durability:

Two key considerations should be considered when deciding on a glue stick for 3D Printing: strength and durability. After all, the parts in your 3D-printed objects can experience significant strain if used as practical components. Thus, it is essential to choose a sticky substance that will safely attach the pieces while withstanding any stress they may come across.


Flexibility is paramount when selecting a glue stick for 3D Printing. The item in question may require some degree of bending or motion without crumbling apart. Consequently, you need to ensure that your glue stick has the ability to grant this maneuverability while still holding onto whatever it’s adhering together.

Non-toxicity and Safety:

When 3D Printing, it is imperative to choose a non-toxic and secure glue stick to ensure the safety of sensitive materials. Toxic fumes can easily be emitted with powerful chemicals, so picking a safe and reliable glue stick is essential for preventing damage or potential health hazards.

Easy to Apply and Fast Drying Time:

Ultimately, find a glue stick that’s simple to apply and dries swiftly. 3D printing projects may be time-consuming; the last thing you want is to wait for your adhesive to set before advancing. Furthermore, an easy-to-use glue stick will make assembling your models much smoother and faster. 


What glue is best for 3D prints?

The best glue for 3D prints is strong, secure, and non-toxic. It should also have a fast drying time and be easy to apply. UHU Glue Stick is a great option, as it has all of these qualities and more.

Can I use any glue stick for 3D Printing?

No, not all glue sticks are suitable for 3D Printing. It is important to choose one specifically designed for the task, as other types may not be strong enough to hold the pieces together or could cause damage to your model. UHU Glue Stick is a great option for 3D printing projects.

Is it better to use glue or tape for 3D Printing?

This depends largely on the type of project you are working on. Generally speaking, glue is better for projects that require a strong bond between pieces, while the tape is better suited to those that require a quick and easy application. When in doubt, it is always best to consult an expert on which adhesive would be most suitable for your specific project.

Do you need a glue stick for 3D Printing?

Yes, glue sticks are essential for 3D printing projects. They provide a secure bond between pieces while preventing damage to the model. Additionally, selecting a glue stick with the right properties (strength, flexibility, etc.) can make all the difference in your project’s success. 

Using a glue stick for 3D Printing is essential to ensure successful projects. It is important to consider strength, durability, flexibility, non-toxicity, and ease of application when selecting the right adhesive. UHU Glue Stick is an excellent choice as it provides all of these qualities and has long-lasting results. Ultimately, it is best to consult with an expert when in doubt to ensure that you are using the most suitable adhesive for your 3D printing application.

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